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    Friday, May 10th, 2013
    3:25 pm
    CSCS Health and Safety Study Guidelines
    Although it may be a long time since you last took an exam or a test, don't worry It is possible to increase the possibility of getting a pass by going through a few very simple things.

    First Check You're Applying For The Right Card

    Make certain that the CSC test you apply for will be the right one you need The cards and test tend to be somewhat different dependant upon your levels of experience as well as the occupation you are working in. Supervisors & managers usually take a separate examination to operatives and trainees. Specific Professions for instance heating & ventilation and scaffolders will likely get several slightly different questions in their tests.

    In order to check you could visit the CSCS web-site but this is not normally clear, or alternatively you might communicate with some of the training courses and test booking businesses who work with a wide variety of individuals and would probably be in the position to indicate the proper test for your needs. They sometimes show a lot of advise on their specific web pages as well. assist you

    If you make your mind up to visit and possibly even end up getting one of the booking specialists to book your test, they may include revision notes in the service. If you don't you can always check the revision and mock test questions at If you want to make completely sure of getting a pass the it would be worth buying the study books or DVD's about the CSCS test. They are offered comparatively cheap at the amazon website. The book includes all of the questions and answers to the test and the DVD has a digital version of the CSCS book as well as software to generate mock tests.

    Seeing that the test has been running for several years we understand that the pass rate on the very first effort is roughly 50% for those who have not completed any sort of revision. Of those that did some revision and did some mock test questions more than 90% successfully pass first attempt. This test isn't especially hard but there may be a couple of answers that you haven't thought of for some time and cannot recall the answers. Just checking the answers once right before taking a test can weed out any tough ones and give you the opportunity of passing.

    If you are able to check all of the questions and even be explained the recommended answers ahead sitting the examination it can't be that tough can it?

    Take into consideration that the price of having to take the exam a second time is more than likely double what a book might cost you, especially when you remember the time and commuting costs.

    No Matter What you choose to do, at the least read a few of the revision notes plus actually do a couple of the mock tests in the cscs test web site.

    The best way to find out if you know all the answers will be to get some other person to read the questions to you. This way you tend not to accidentally take a look at answers at the same time. Prepare notes, however simple, when you are looking at the problems. Actually making the notes can help to fix them in your thoughts. Do it properly you will find yourself with a set of quick study notes that you can fairly quickly read through before you go in to begin the actual CSCS test .

    If you are intending to do the test about the same time as somebody you know you can make a bit of a game of it by picking out the most difficult questions and looking to catch one another out with them. In actual fact everything that you do which passes some of the questions in your mind will help make sure of your pass for the CSCS Test .

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    Wednesday, May 30th, 2012
    10:48 pm
    Gaining Jobs In The Construction Sector
    With over 700 types of jobs plus hiring in excess of 2 million individuals, the building industry is one of the principal recruiters in the united kingdom. You don't need a long list of qualifications to begin working in the industry either. There is a lot of unskilled jobs around or else you will be able to learn when you are doing your job by becoming an apprentice or even from going to school and night school to help get any training you require. Even though now there are ups and downs in demands regarding new buildings, just as in nearly every other business, the building construction trade is likely to be providing work for a lot longer yet.

    Everyone told me, when I was younger, that if you got a trade you will rarely ever be out of work. While this isn't always completely true there is still lots of fact in it and a expert tradesman will usually find that it's simpler to secure jobs. It can be fairly easy to get employment in the construction industry without certifications nevertheless you will be labouring, which is fetching, carrying, digging and carrying out the heavier work. Nevertheless, having done this you can actually learn some tips and expertise and you could move on to being semi-skilled. This will bring you extra responsibility, way more appealing work and improved pay.

    The objective is, obviously, to progress and grow into a fully skilled employee, getting your trade qualifications and getting far better employment and a better rate of pay.

    There are many skilled jobs and a few want a good deal more college work and certifications than some others. As an illustration, to be an electrical contractor or maybe gas fitter you are likely to need to sign up for a lot of college as well as complete the mandatory exams. This is undoubtedly due to the high risk aspect of the jobs and also the troubles that come from untrained individuals attempting to perform this type of job.

    You will still need to learn the work with a job such as carpentry or painting where there may be a certain amount of school work required but not with the same high intensity. Both of these skilled jobs can pay a good pay packet for any skilled employee. A good semi skilled all rounder is likewise appreciated by his employers and will have a tendency to get much better jobs.

    Whichever path you adopt into the building sector you will discover that, to operate on most sites currently, you will have to hold a CSCS card. This is a health and safety test which covers most skills on a building site. Virtually all larger construction sites require that everyone operating there, and even visiting the site, carry one of these cards.

    To get a CSCS card you will need to take a test by visiting one of the numerous test centres available throughout the united kingdom. The examination will be multi choice and administered with a touch screen computer. It could also be completed in a number of different languages. The examination is about safe practices within a construction site and successfully completing the exam and achieving a card shows to recruiters that you are safety knowledgeable. This really is a serious factor because a construction site has long been a dangerous setting to work.

    The test is centered on the job you are working in and in many cases you will additionally want to have studied for, or be training to get a S/Nvq qualification.

    Discover much more about the card by visiting CSCS Card Application which has additional information with regards to cards together with practice examination questions.

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    Friday, February 10th, 2012
    11:42 pm
    CSCS Exam Undergoes Changes On April 2nd 2012
    The CSCS Examination is Being modified in April this year (2012)
    It will now become known as the Citb CSCS Health Safety & Environment Test

    Starting on April 2nd This year (2012) a brand new assessment will definitely be in operation. It's going to be referred to as the Citb Construction Skills Health Safety and Environment Test plus is going to be updated with more sections.

    The brand new HS&E exam will include additional questions regarding respiratory dangers & hazards and also the new universal hazard symbols together with behavioural case studies to test how you might respond to incidents that could arise at a site.

    You're able to arrange a new Health Safety & Environment Examination at the cskills site and also cost is still £17.50.

    There will now be Fifty test questions to answer and you will be alotted 45 minutes to sit the examination. 38 of these questions being on health & safety awareness and 12 questions are behavioural case study questions which basically test how you react in any particular circumstance to ensure the safety on your site. In addition to the basic operative test there are certain specialist exams which may be sat:


    Specialist Work at Height
    Plumbing or Gas
    Tunnelling (NEW)
    Lifts and Escalators
    Managers and Professionals Test
    Highway Works

    HVAC&R - Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning Refrigeration

    RAAC - Refrigeration And Air Conditioning
    HAPS - Heating And Plumbing services
    SAF - Services And Facilities Maintenance
    PFW - Pipefitting And Welding
    DUCT - Ductwork

    If you are wanting to sit the test make certain you obtain the one that's required.

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    11:39 pm
    CSCS Card Test Will Be Updated On 2nd April 2012
    The CSCS Exam is updated in April this year (2012)
    It will now be the Citb CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test

    During April 2nd 2012 a fresh exam are going to be in place. It is referred to as the Citb Construction Skills Health Safety and Environment Test and in addition will be updated with additional segments.

    The latest Health Safety and Environment examination will include additional questions relating to respiratory risks & dangers and also the new universal hazard symbols as well as behavioural case studies to examine the way in which would address situations which could occur on a site.

    You are able to arrange this new Health Safety & Environment Examination at and the charges are still £17.50.

    There will now be Fifty test questions to provide answers to and you will be alotted 45 minutes to sit the test. 38 of the answers being on health and safety skills and additionally 12 questions are behavioural case study questions that will basically check how you will behave in a specific circumstance to preserve safety in the site. On top of the basic operative exam there are many specialist exams which may be sat:


    Specialist Work at Height
    Plumbing or Gas
    Tunnelling (NEW)
    Lifts and Escalators
    Managers and Professionals Test
    Highway Works

    HACR - Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning And Refrigeration

    RAAC - Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
    HAPS - Heating & Plumbing services
    SAF - Services & Facilities Maintenance
    PFW - Pipefitting And Welding
    DUCT - Ductwork

    If you want to sit the exam make certain you find the one that you need. You can get more information here.

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